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Annual, School And Immigration Physicals Specialist

DRS Medical Associates

Primary Care Physicians located in Jersey City, NJ

The purpose of an annual physical is to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as prevent or control chronic disease. At DRS Medical Associates, serving families living in and around Jersey City, New Jersey, you can trust Dr. Ritu Sharma and Dr. Ray Santos to give you a thorough exam and answer all your health questions. They’re happy to provide annual physicals required for work, school, sports, or immigration for members of your family of all ages.

Annual and School Physical Q & A

Why do I need an annual physical?

The doctors at DRS Medical Associates aren’t just there to help you when you’re sick or have a chronic condition, they’re there to keep you well by preventing illness, too.

An annual physical helps ensure you get the right care so you can live the longest, healthiest life possible. Children benefit from well-child checks to ensure their growth is on target and that they’re establishing healthy habits early on.

An annual physical puts you in charge of your health. It serves as an opportunity for you to form a relationship with your doctor and to ask any health questions you may have. It allows Dr. Santos and Dr. Sharma to gain an established knowledge of your health history and lifestyle habits, which helps inform them as to which screenings, tests, and recommendations to make to best serve your overall health.

What types of tests occur at an annual physical?

At a physical exam, a staff member will record your height and weight. You’ll also have your blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature checked. They will look at your general appearance and ask if you have any specific questions or concerns. Then Dr. Santos or Dr. Sharma listen to your heart and lungs to check for any irregularities. An exam of your head and neck reveals possible sinus issues as well as thyroid concerns.

The doctors may order tests, such as a metabolic panel, cholesterol levels, or other blood work. If you’ve brought your child in for a pediatric visit, vaccination records will be updated and administered if it is time.

These procedures are designed to detect health problems before they get out of control. Even if your health is excellent, Dr. Santos and Dr. Sharma will offer suggestions on maintaining and improving your health as you age.

Besides annual physicals, DRS Medical Associates also performs work, school, and sports exams. They’re even certified to offer immigration physicals.

What happens at an immigration physical?

If you require an immigration physical for a green card or other immigration situation, the doctors at DRS Medical Associates can provide everything you need. Here's what you need to bring to your appointment:

  • Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record
  • Your vaccination record
  • Photo ID
  • Any other items DRS Medical Associates asks you to bring

Dr. Sharma or Dr. Santos will do a complete physical, including tests for contagious diseases such as tuberculosis. After your exam is over, they'll fill out your Form I-693 for you, place it in a required sealed envelope, and you’ll be on your way.

Will the doctors sign-off on required physical exams?

Following a clean bill of health, the doctors at DRS Medical Associates will happily sign off on any physical exams required for work, school, immigration, or sports. With the office being open 7 days a week, with extended hours, and same day appointments available, you’ll get your required physical out of the way at your convenience.

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