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Rashes Specialist

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Itchy, irritated, and swollen skin can be a symptom of any number of medical problems. If you or your children have an unexplained rash, make an appointment to see Dr. Ray Santos and Dr. Ritu Sharma at DRS Medical Associates in Jersey City, New Jersey. Practicing family, internal and pediatric medicine Dr. Sharma and Dr. Santos can diagnose and treat rashes and other irritating skin conditions.

Rashes Q & A

What causes a rash?

A rash is often the result of an allergic reaction. You may have come into contact with an irritating substance or something that your immune system senses as a threat.

Contact dermatitis, for example, occurs when you touch something irritating, such as a lotion, laundry detergent, or other chemical. Poison ivy is a natural cause of contact dermatitis.

Autoimmune disorders and even gastrointestinal intolerances and allergies can cause rashes, too. Because there are so many possible causes, it’s important to get chronic or serious-looking rashes examined by a doctor. Dr. Santos and Dr. Sharma can help pinpoint the cause to provide an effective treatment.

When should I see a doctor?

A rash that’s extremely itchy, red, or swollen may need a doctor’s care, especially if it doesn’t resolve within 24 hours on its own or it interferes with your daily activities. A rash that covers a large area of your body, or is chronic also deserves medical attention.

Rashes may look scaly or appear as little red bumps or pimples.

How do I know if the rash is eczema?

Eczema refers to an entire group of medical conditions that cause the skin to become inflamed or irritated, including contact dermatitis. Babies and small children may develop a type of eczema on their face that resolves on its own. Flare-ups may last a few days, or become chronic. Eczema symptoms are different for everyone, but often include:

  • Dry, sensitive, red, and inflamed skin
  • Serious itching
  • Rough patches or scaly skin
  • Oozing rashes or sores, often from excessive scratching
  • Dark patches of skin
  • Swollen areas of skin

Eczema flare-ups can last just a few days, or can be a chronic condition. The staff at DRS Medical Associates can help you and your family manage eczema of any kind.

What are the treatments for a rash?

Dr. Santos and Dr. Sharma will evaluate your rash and look for potential causes, including allergies or autoimmune problems. They’ll help alleviate symptoms of redness and itching by recommending appropriate over-the-counter creams or by prescribing a medical grade solution. In some cases, they may prescribe oral or injectable steroids to help clear up the condition. If it’s determined that there is an underlying medical cause for the rash, they’ll address that, too.  

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